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Our 100% natural hot springs have a suitable level of acidity for bathing and within the ranges allowed by international standards, which will give an exceptional relaxation. It has a high and rich amount of completely natural minerals which gives it it’s particular color, thanks to it’s underground origin, flattering for it’s total comfort and an unparalleled absorption of nutrients. Some of them are:

Calcium: by itself it only keeps the heart, nervous system, muscles and bones healthy.

Calcium Carbonate: this is used in matters of heartburn. However, for it’s health and the other mineral components, it is advisable not to ingest this liquid, although it is potable for Human Consumption, according to the W.H.O.

Magnesium: many call it the miraculous mineral; thanks to it, our body can be purified of toxic substances and other toxins lodged in our interior. It also allows to have greater energy and muscular strength.

Chlorides: behave like electrolytes in our body, who are responsible for maintaining the balance of fluids in the body, as well as the base acidic balance of it.

Silica: it’s most common form is silica dioxide. In the body it is associated with other molecules in bones, tendons, liver and kidneys.

Sulfates: are those who produce the foam in our waterfall. A prolonged exposure and in high concentrations could cause skin irritation, however thanks to the minimum amount of particles present, these participate as cleansing agents in the skin.

Ammonium: most of it is produced in the liver, transforming the toxins into waste urea. Thanks to the osmosis, passive diffusion process where a substance passes from a less concentrated volume to a more concentrated one, there is the ammonium detoxification of the body.

Iron: is an element of vital importance because it collaborates with the generation of hemoglobin, which is the one that transports oxygen to the different tissues of the organism.

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